HowTo Setup your Groovy Netbeans IDE to develop Predic8 Membrane Registry

HowTo Setup your Netbeans 6.9 Grails IDE for Predic8 Membrane Registry
  • Netbeans IDE 6.9 download and Install
  • Current Grails release download( http://grails.org/Download) and unzip

  • Start IDE
  • Open Project
  • Run Projekt
  • Configure Grails
  • Wrong Grails version? Update!
  • and confirm with “y”
  • Fix the Database connection to Default Port 1527 in file Datasource.groovy
  • Start Derby Database Server on Port 1527
  • and run Project

The full dokumentation can be viewed at: http://docs.google.co//fileview?id=0B3443bzM6JlvMzNlZGEzNDktN2M0Yy00NDE5LWJjMjQtYmY3YjM2MDdlNWMw&hl=de
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